Winter snow and frost can be one of the most beautiful signs of the seasons each year. But just as its beauty brings joy and excitement, it also leaves a wake of destruction when trees and landscapes become damaged from the ice and the weight of the snow. The good news is that a little attentiveness can prevent additional damage and help your lawn and landscape to remain healthy and strong. When damaged trees are pruned or trimmed, you reduce the chance of losing trees altogether and experiencing diseases that can impact your entire landscape.


At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, we have the expertise to get your lawn in shape and on track after winter damage so you can enjoy a beautiful view this spring. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about the signs of winter damage and how we can help you assess your trees for a healthier landscape and lawn.


Here are a few signs your trees need attention:

1.   Root Problems

When the soil and ground freeze and thaw, this can create damage to the roots of younger trees. The freeze and thaw cycle causes the soil to expand and contract, pushing the tree’s roots up and exposing them.


This problem is most likely to affect trees with shallow roots, so in addition to young trees, it can also harm trees that have been transplanted recently. It’s important to assess the overall health of the tree and determine if it can be saved when this happens.


2.   Bark Damage

A common sound when the winter landscape is snowy and frozen is the sound of trees cracking or splitting. The sound of cracking or splitting bark can sound like a rifle shot, but it is actually the sound of damaged bark from two common winter threats caused by the frost and the sun.


When the scalding sun from reflected snow contrasts with the bitter cold of frost, this causes a tree’s bark cells to die. If a tree suffers extensive bark damage, it may require removal.


3.   Broken and Damaged Branches

The weight of built-up snow can become quite significant, causing branches to break in some cases. Damaged branches can pose a threat when they’re located near power lines or your home. Never try to remove damaged or broken branches on your own as they can be much heavier than you realize. In addition, it may be difficult to fully assess the extent of the risk without the help of a professional.

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Don’t let winter leave your lawn looking less than its best. Speak with our Woodbury tree removal and trimming experts to assess winter damage to your lawn and get your trees looking beautiful before spring.


Our team at Vital Tree Service in Minnesota can help you determine which trees need removal and which trees can be saved. We can also take care of stump removal. Call us at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to discuss your landscaping needs.