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If you’ve had strong winds come through your property or need clean up after a storm, you may find yourself facing the sudden need for tree removal. When you’ve got a tree that’s fallen or leaning on your property, your homeowners insurance may cover the cost.

At Vital Tree Service, our team of tree removal experts has experience working with homeowners insurance companies. We’ll connect with your insurance agent to help you get the best result and minimize the expenses you pay out of your own pocket.

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Vital Tree Service Can Help You With…

One of the most common tree removal services to be covered by homeowners insurance is emergency tree removal after a storm. If a tree simply falls in your backyard, you’re probably going to be expected to handle the removal yourself. But if a tree is threatening your home or has crashed into it, this is a different matter entirely.

A tree that’s fallen on your home or a power line can be a serious hazard. It can also be the beginning of more problems for you if you don’t handle it fast. We’ll work with your insurance company to get a tree-related emergency under control fast so you don’t have to worry about additional damage to your home.

Another commonly covered situation occurs when a heavy branch breaks off a healthy tree during high winds or a storm. This damage can be especially costly when it breaks windows or causes damage to your roof.

Like a fallen tree, broken branches can pose an added safety risk to your home and property until they are repaired, which is why it’s important to act fast. While most homeowners insurance policies won’t cover simple debris removal, it may be covered if it caused property damage.

Mother Nature doesn’t really care about property lines, and sometimes a fallen tree or broken branch can end up damaging your neighbor’s home or garage. More often than not, your homeowners insurance will cover damage done to your neighbor’s property as long as the tree is deemed to have been a healthy one.

We’ll be happy to help you keep the peace with the neighbors by working with you and your insurance to remove the broken branch or fallen tree safely and efficiently. ,

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Preventing Catastrophe

Unfortunately, most homeowners policies will avoid paying for any damage that they deem was ultimately due to a homeowners negligence. Most policies will hold homeowners liable for maintaining their trees. If they believe a tree was dead or damaged to begin with, they may not pay for its removal. Because an ounce of prevention is worth it, our team can help you prevent disaster before it hits by maintaining your trees and trimming dead branches.


Why Choose Vital Tree Service?

We’ll make sure you understand the entire cost throughout the process so you won’t be hit with any surprises that insurance doesn’t cover. Our team will explain every factor involved in our rate, including the complexity of a job and the crew size needed to remove a tree.
We use top-of-the-line equipment to make sure your trees are given the very best chance for long and lasting health. Bringing the right tools for the job also helps us keep your property and everyone who lives there safe.

When the unexpected hits, you need the reassurance of knowing you can expect professional, high-quality expertise. Our team of tree service experts takes the sting out of having to place an insurance claim by educating you throughout the process so you know you’re getting the best service.

Insurance Friendly Tree Removal and Trimming Services

Whether you’re in need of 24-hour emergency service or you’ve got a large branch blocking access to your garage, we’re here to help. With our insurance experience, we’ll work with you to help you through this as painlessly as possible. Our tree service pros are waiting for our call. Connect with us by calling 651.341.4021 or contact us for your free estimate.

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