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How to Choose a Tree Care Professional the Right Way

Choose professional tree service with help from the tree removal service experts at Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, Minnesota.

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Plant Diseases and Pests to Watch Out For

Prevent plant diseases and pests from devastating your lawn with the emergency tree removal team at Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, Minnesota.

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Tree Trimming and Removal for Landscaping

Create a beautiful landscape that adds value to your Twin Cities home with the tree removal experts from Vital Tree Service.

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Here's How to Tell if Your Tree is Dying

Get helpful tips to identify if your tree is dying and find out about tree removal service from the emergency tree removal pros at Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, MN.

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Keeping Your Trees Looking Great With Summer Tree Pruning

Learn about some of the key benefits of pruning your trees in the summertime with the tree pruning and trimming professionals at Vital Tree Service in Woodbury. Find out about pest prevention, healthier fruit-bearing trees, and more.

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How to Identify and Address a Dangerous Tree

The Twin Cities tree removal pros at Vital Tree Service discuss some of the risks of tree structure problems. We talk about how our tree experts can help you identify and address those risks through tree removal, tree trimming, and even emergency tree services.

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The Importance of Canopy Thinning for Healthy Trees

Spring is in the air, and nature’s splendor is all around. As you take in the magic of springtime weather, one of the most welcome sights is the return of green, healthy leaves to your trees. Healthy trees provide a lovely habitat for nature’s creatures while adding shade and privacy to your property. But if the canopy above becomes too overgrown, your grass below can end up becoming patchy and unhealthy.

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Signs Your Tree Has Heart Rot and What to Do

It’s finally springtime, and winter’s chill is gradually getting replaced with the vibrant green leaves that herald the coming of the warm months. But when trees become ill due to heart rot, the promise of spring loses its shine.

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Should You Remove That Old Tree Stump?

Beautiful trees are an integral part of a stunning landscape. Key to keeping your trees looking great is the important practice of regular tree maintenance like tree trimming and pruning. But even with great regular lawn and tree maintenance, eventually, every homeowner may face the need for tree removal.

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Assessing Winter Damage to Your Trees

Winter snow and frost can be one of the most beautiful signs of the seasons each year. But just as its beauty brings joy and excitement, it also leaves a wake of destruction when trees and landscapes become damaged from the ice and the weight of the snow. The good news is that a little attentiveness can prevent additional damage and help your lawn and landscape to remain healthy and strong. When damaged trees are pruned or trimmed, you reduce the chance of losing trees altogether and experiencing diseases that can impact your entire landscape.

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