Winter can be tough on your trees and landscape, especially here in Minnesota, where the cold season can mean we’re hit with more than a few arctic blasts. If your lawn is in need of tree removal, you may be worried about the dangers of falling trees. Whether you’re trying to get the job done quickly or you’ve simply underestimated the challenge of tree removal, you may be tempted to break out the chainsaw and remove it yourself. Before you think about DIY tree removal, it’s important to realize the inherent dangers of taking on such a task without professional expertise and experience.


At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, our experts bring years of experience in tree biology and removal to every job we take on. In this post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to call a professional for your tree removal job.


The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

There are plenty of reasons you might want to consider removing your own tree. If the tree doesn’t seem very big, it might look like a relatively simple task to pull down a tree and remove it from your property, which means you spend little money in the process. However, the costs of a tree removal gone wrong can impact far more than your bank account. Working with tree removal equipment can be dangerous, and many homeowners and amateurs at tree removal can vastly underestimate the weight of a branch or tree.


Here are some of the most common tree removal risks:


1.      Inappropriate Equipment

An expert tree removal team will come to the job prepared, which means they’ll have all the right protective equipment to do the job safely. Our professional tree removal team also has all the right tools for the job, so we can safely remove a tree. All of our tree removal experts are trained in safety, so they’re protected along with everyone else in the area.


2.      Electrical Danger

If your tree is anywhere near a power line, don’t even consider touching it. Doing so can result in serious disasters and even loss of life. If a branch or tree falls on the power line, you can end up putting your neighbors in the dark until repair crews can undo the damage. Worse, power lines can electrocute you or anyone they touch, which can cause instant fatality.


3.      Underestimating the Wood

Professional tree removal experts understand tree biology and the decay process, which means we understand that a tree can collapse if it is decaying. DIY tree removal can inadvertently cause a decaying tree to collapse. Homeowners can also miscalculate where a tree will fall or how much it will weigh when it does, which is a mistake that can be costly and dangerous.


Call Our Woodbury Tree Removal Service Anytime

Taking care of your own landscape and property can be a rewarding experience, and we understand wanting to complete a task yourself. But one thing you should never risk is trying to remove trees on your own.


At Vital Tree Service in Minnesota, our trained and experienced tree removal pros can safely remove your trees without any risk to your home, property, or family. Check out our gallery to see us at work, then call us at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to schedule your tree removal.