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Who We Are


At Vital Tree Service, we’re a professional tree trimming and removal service with a commitment to excellent customer service. Our tree service experts offer a comprehensive line of arboreal services to create a beautiful and safe landscape for your Minnesota home or business. Give our professional tree trimming and removal experts a call.

More About Us

Tree Removal

Our team of professional tree removal experts will remove unsafe or unwanted trees from your property to keep your landscape safe while maintaining its natural beauty. We offer competitive pricing and work with your insurance company.

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Keeping your trees neatly trimmed and removing unhealthy branches is an important part of keeping them healthy, strong, and vital. It also keeps your lawn safer and more attractive. We offer complete tree trimming and pruning services to maintain your trees and enhance your property’s natural beauty, creating a safer landscape.

Tree Trimming
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Stump Grinding & Removal

If you’ve got an unwanted stump on your property, it can detract from your lawn’s natural beauty. We offer affordable, safe, and efficient stump grinding and removal services to create a clean, beautiful landscape.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Broken or hanging branches can be both unsightly and dangerous. Protect your property by contacting our tree service professionals after a storm. We’ll work with you to assess any damage after a storm and remove branches or trees to get your property safe and beautiful again. We can also make recommendations to help your trees better endure future storms.

Storm Damage