Beautiful trees are an integral part of a stunning landscape. Key to keeping your trees looking great is the important practice of regular tree maintenance like tree trimming and pruning. But even with great regular lawn and tree maintenance, eventually, every homeowner may face the need for tree removal. 


Every tree has its own life cycle, and when a tree needs to be cut down, you’re usually left with a stump on your lawn. If you have one or more tree stumps on your lawn, you might consider hiring a tree stump removal service. But is it necessary? 


At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, our tree stump removal team specializes in providing expert tree care to Twin Cities residents and business owners. In this post, we’ll share what you need to know about removing that old tree stump from your yard and discuss why you should consider it.

Deciding What to Do About a Stump

When you’re considering having a stump removed, your reasons for doing so may affect the decision-making process. In some cases, you might be surprised at how difficult the decision can be. It’s not uncommon to grow attached to a tree, and the old stump can remind you of the tree that once brought your family shade and protection. 


On the other hand, it’s also fairly common to find several tree stumps all over a new piece of property you’ve recently purchased. This is sometimes due to a previous owner hurriedly removing trees to get ready to place a home on the market. In these cases, the decision to remove a tree stump may be much more cut and dry. 

Reasons To Remove Old Tree Stumps

If you’re on the fence, here are some reasons you should consider going through with stump removal service.

A Nicer-Looking Lawn

When it comes right down to it, tree stumps detract from your lawn’s overall appearance. They take away from the clean-cut appearance of a neatly trimmed landscape. Removing these old stumps gives you space to create new landscaping features and grow new flora. 

A Safer Lawn

Children love to run and play. An old tree stump poses a hazard for children at play as they could easily trip on it. It also creates a liability when visitors are on your property. 


Even for adults, an old tree stump can get in the way. You might not see the stump while you’re doing other yard work or while you’re enjoying playing sports in your yard. Tree stumps also make mowing and lawn care a difficult task. 

A Healthier Lawn

When you allow old stumps to remain on your lawn, the decay process may invite unwanted guests in the form of wood-boring insects. Carpenter ants, termites, beetles, and their ilk may find your old stump a welcome new home and eventually spread to the one you live in. 


Old stumps can also invite mold and fungi to grow, which can pose a risk to your other flora and your family. 

Eliminate The Roots

Even though a tree root may not be as strong as it would be with the original tree intact, it could still continue to grow or have offshoots. In these cases, old roots can pose an invisible risk to your utility lines and damage your pipes. 


Additionally, it is common to see new growth around neglected tree stumps. Even if you manage to eliminate those sprouts, they will keep coming up as long as the stump is there. The best approach to reducing weeds and tree sprouts around an old stump is to remove the stump altogether. 

Connect with Our Twin Cities Tree Stump Removal Team

If you’re ready to remove the old stumps on your property, contact Vital Tree Service in Minnesota for professional, safe tree stump removal and grinding. With our tree stump grinder, the process will be clean and fast. Professional tree stump removal is much less time-consuming and far safer than trying to handle the task yourself. 


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