This summer has brought with it its share of strong thunderstorms, and they can take a serious toll on your trees. Damaged trees are more than just an aesthetic concern because they can actually create dangerous situations for homeowners. That’s why it’s important to address damage to trees immediately when it occurs.


At Vital Tree Service in Minnesota, we help homeowners get their trees back on track after wild weather does its worst. Here’s what you need to know about managing damage to your trees after a summer storm.


The Impact of High Winds

Trees are remarkable organisms. They’re genetically equipped to handle some pretty wicked weather most of the time. Most trees can withstand some pretty strong rains. But even the strongest trees can reach their limits. When those dark, looming clouds of a summer front roll in, they can bring strong winds and even damaging straight-line winds that can mimic the effect of tornadic winds. These can bring down large branches and even uproot trees if they’re strong enough.


Hail and Lightning Take Their Toll

When a strong line of storms hits like we’ve seen this summer, storm front updrafts can bring water up above the freezing level where it forms into hailstones. Hail from such a storm can range in size from dime-sized to baseball-sized stones, and the larger the hail, the more likely it is to seriously damage your trees. Hail causes hundreds of tiny impact wounds on your tree’s surface and strips it of the branches it needs to create energy.


Lightning is another common culprit when it comes to summertime tree damage, superheating the tree’s sap and converting it instantly to steam. But even if a tree does not ignite initially, it will most likely eventually succumb to its extensive injuries. These trees can be particularly dangerous because they may appear fine, but their branches are dying and could break at any time and cause serious injury or even fatality.


Important signs to look for:

●        Broken branches

●        Split branches

●        Trunk damage

●        Bark injuries

●        Dead or dying leaves


Importance of a Storm Assessment

If your trees took a beating during a recent summer storm, don’t wait to have them professionally assessed. Trees that are damaged can present a very real danger to homeowners and anyone who passes near them. Branches that break off can weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on their size. When they fall, they can damage your property or even cause loss of life. Let our storm damage cleanup team come out to your home and remove any potential hazards to keep your family and property safe.


Contact our Minnesota Storm Damage and Tree Removal Service

Trying to remove a tree on your own or clean up branches after a storm is a dangerous game. Our team of professionals will take precautions to keep everyone in your home safe and your trees looking vital and healthy for many years to come.


Don’t take a chance with your family’s safety. We can work with your homeowner’s insurance policy, and we also offer 24-hour emergency tree removal service. Connect with one of our tree experts at 651.341.4021, or contact us online for your free quote.