The way your business looks is often a reflection of how it's run, and even if your company itself offers great customer service and exceptional products, clients will be less likely to come to you if your landscaping looks overgrown or displeasing.


When it comes to getting new customers, first impressions are critical. Then, for returning customers, you want to continue to provide a welcoming, beautiful environment. This applies to both the inside and outside of your business, so maintaining your landscaping and removing dying or dead trees is a great way to increase curb appeal for your commercial building.


Discover why maintaining landscaping is essential for your commercial property or business.

3 Benefits of Tree Removal & Landscaping Services

At Vital Tree Service, we offer various landscaping and tree removal services for commercial properties in the Woodbury and Twin Cities area. These services can be tailored to the needs of your business, and some companies need more of one service than another.


Generally speaking, all businesses can benefit from landscaping and tree removal, and here are three reasons why.

1. Improved Curb Appeal

When you have overgrown, dead, or dying trees, your landscaping won’t look as good as it could. Old stumps or trees ruined from storm damage make a property look more cluttered and less attractive. So, with tree removal and stump removal options, your property will make clients feel more welcome.


You can also keep the healthy trees looking groomed and beautiful with tree trimming and pruning services. When your landscaping looks well-kept and cared for, it makes your whole business appear welcoming, professional, and well-managed.

2. Safer for Employees & Clients

While a dying tree might not seem like a big deal, it can actually be a  safety risk. Trees with broken limbs or ones that are suffering from diseases are at risk of falling over or breaking off debris that could hit someone.


Scattered branches on your property aren’t just an eyesore, either. They can cause people to trip when walking around your landscape or create accessibility issues. Stumps and limbs left on your property for long periods can also create pest problems that wreak more havoc on your buildings.


With tree removal, storm damage clean-up, and pruning services, everyone who enters your property will be safer.

3. Less Stress for You

With regular tree trimming and clean-up services from professionals, you won’t have to keep up with all this on your own. Let our expert team trim and remove limbs, stumps, and whole trees with precision and clear away unwanted brush that leaves your landscape clean and polished.


We ensure consistent upkeep so that you don’t have to break your back on tree removal and landscaping concerns and can focus solely on your business.

Commercial Property Tree Maintenance From Vital Tree Service

When you’re looking for tree removal, trimming, pruning, or clean-up services, Vital Tree Service has commercial property options you can rely on. Call us at 651-341-4021 to request more information or get emergency tree assistance.