Sunny days are here at last. Trees that were barren and sparse just a few months ago are suddenly thick with lush green foliage. The beginning of summer is an ideal time to attend to your trees’ health and give them the attention they need to live long, healthy lives. One of the most often overlooked aspects of tree care is canopy pruning.


At Vital Tree Service, our Twin Cities tree experts specialize in helping Minnesota homeowners create healthy landscapes that will thrive for many years to come. One of the ways we create healthy trees is through canopy pruning.


Understanding the Tree Canopy

You probably already know that your tree canopy is the top layer of tree coverage. If you look up from the ground, your tree canopy is the layer of brush and foliage that creates shade from the sun. It consists of leaves, limbs, and branches and is formed by the mature crowns of your trees.


What you may not realize is that your tree canopy plays a vital role in creating a healthy and stable ecosystem. It provides the wildlife in your region with an important habitat. It also works to reduce pollution and cool your home or yard in the summer. That’s why a healthy tree canopy is important as part of any urban community.


What is Canopy Pruning?

Pruning your tree canopy is an important component of a healthy landscape. The goal of canopy pruning is to thin out the top layer of foliage. Canopy pruning thins the dense, overgrown canopy so that light can filter through below. It also creates better airflow through the canopy so leaves are healthier. To thin the canopy, we remove dead or less healthy branches and limbs first. We then remove trees or limbs that work in competition with “leader” branches.


Here are a few more important benefits of canopy pruning:

●        Reduces the risk of damage below from falling branches

●        Reduces the risk of damage to the tree from broken branches

●        Creates a healthier, more attractive lawn

●        Allows the ground cover to thrive below the tree canopy

●        Lowers the risk of arboreal disease


Minnesota Tree Pruning and Trimming Service

If you’ve got beautiful trees in your yard, it’s important to make sure they’re healthy and will live a long time. At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, we help homeowners create beautiful landscapes with our tree trimming and pruning services. We can also remove old stumps and even turn the wood we trim into firewood.


Whether you’re interested in a more attractive lawn or simply a safer place for your kids to play, we’re here to help. Give our team a call at 651.341.4021, or contact us online for a free quote.