Trees are a wonderful part of our natural habitat. Apart from leaving aesthetic touches on our landscape, they also contribute a good percentage of the oxygen we depend on for survival.


In Minnesota, for instance, about 33% of the land is covered by trees – not just any trees but good native trees. Hence, a deep knowledge of some of these common trees is worthwhile.


The deeper your knowledge about these trees, the easier it is for you to decide on the best Minnesota trees to plant in your home and neighborhood.


So, on this note, we have put together some common trees in Minnesota and their lifespans. 

Quaking Aspen

If we rank trees in Minnesota by volume, the Quaking aspen will come first in our ranks. This tree can easily be seen across the length and breadth of Minnesota but commonly grows in large volumes in the northern parts of Minnesota.


The Quaking aspen can grow up to 60 to 80 feet tall at maturity. If you intend to grow this tree in your yard, you may occasionally need a professional tree pruning service to keep it healthy.


The Quaking aspen has a great survival rate and a good lifespan. According to The National Wildlife Federation, this tree can live up to 60 to 150 years.

Bur Oak

Here is another common tree in Minnesota. It's characterized by massive trunks, thick branches, and rough bark.


Bur oak are under the White oak group and can reach a towering height of 18 to 46 meters. Height is usually one of the considerations when deciding to plant the Bur oak tree.


Some Bur oak can get so big that you can only depend on the services of a tree services professional to trim or cut them.


The Bur Oak has one of the longest lifespans: It can live up to 300 to 400 years.

Maple Trees

The Maple tree is a popular ornamental tree in Minnesota. It has many species ranging from Red maple, Mountain maple, and Silver maple.


Maple trees are suitable for places like parks, lawns, and the streets. They may require tree trimming service to maintain their glow if planted to provide aesthetics to the environment.


The lifespan of Maple trees varies according to the species. Maples can live up to 130 to 300 years on a general note. The Sugar maple can live up to 400 years if well cared for.

Paper Birch

On sighting the Paper birch, what comes to mind is serenity and beauty. This tree has widespread popularity across the state of Minnesota.


The near-smooth bark is good if you wish to lean on it. Paper birch trees average a height of 60 feet. If you're into firewood supplies, planting this tree in large quantities may be a good investment as it burns well, dries fast, and is easy to split.


Paper birch can grow very fast but does not have a very long lifespan like some other trees in Minnesota. Their lifespan averages 80 years.

Red Pine

This is another tree that is common in Minnesota. It's characterized by its tall, narrow trunk and evergreen ambiance. Woods from Red pines can serve as poles and ship masts.


Red pine can live up to 350 years if well-groomed.

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