There’s nothing like the natural beauty of a tree-filled landscape. Trees are the earth’s life-givers, filling the planet with fresh, clean air. By serving as a habitat for Minnesota’s abundant wildlife, they add to the richness of an ecosystem that sustains us all.


Trees also help to protect our homes against Mother Nature’s harsher weather patterns, providing shade and a natural break against the wind. They even help to reduce our home energy costs. And it’s hard to deny their beauty adds to a home’s curb appeal, creating a welcoming environment to come home to.


In this post, our team at Vital Tree Services is sharing some of the best native Minnesota trees to plant in your yard. To schedule your tree trimming and tree removal services when needed, give our Minnesota tree specialists a call! 

Ideal Trees for Minnesota Homeowners

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, these trees grow well in Minnesota’s East Central and Metro regions:

American Elm

American elms are a fairly ubiquitous species across the United States and North America. They are found as far south as central Texas and Florida and all the way up in Nova Scotia, Montana, and Alberta. When healthy, they can live for hundreds of years, like the famous Sauble Elm, an Ontario tree that germinated as far back as 1701. Though it was felled in 1968, it likely propagated hundreds of new trees.


The fast-growing American basswood can grow up to 120 feet tall and has a life expectancy of about 200 years. The basswood has a domed crown, spreading leaves, fragrant yellowish spring flowers, and a lovely yellow fall color, making it a beautiful home tree throughout the year.

Black Cherry

A fast-growing forest shrub, black cherry trees actually have very little in common with true cultivated cherry trees, like Japanese cherry, sour cherry, and sweet cherry trees. But the fruit can be used as a drink mixer or to make jams and jellies.

Black Walnut

Black walnut trees grow up to 130 feet in height and are known for their resilience to frost and edible walnuts, which are perfect for use in baking meals and sweet desserts.


While these trees make wonderful additions to larger yards, they can inhibit the growth of your other landscaping plants in smaller spaces. Be sure to plant these trees in spacious areas.

Bur Oak

The bur oak is an important plant for local wildlife, especially with its exceptionally large acorns. Bur oaks are white oaks that typically live between 80 and 100 years.


As they grow, you’ll enjoy the shade and beauty they bring. Plant these trees far enough from your house that they have plenty of room to grow and stretch.


One of North America’s largest hardwoods, cottonwoods serve as a habitat for several varieties of caterpillars and are a great staple to add to any yard.


Their bright orange and yellow leaves make a spectacular treat in the fall, and they can grow upwards of 100 feet high.


Want to support wildlife in Minnesota and enjoy birds and critters around your home? If so, hackberry trees are the perfect option.


The berries might not be something humans eat, but many native species love them. This is also a hardy tree that can withstand various weather conditions.

White Pine

White pines are a lovely evergreen. They grow large and are robust and sturdy. With their blue-green needles, they look beautiful in all seasons, and they’re also ideal for providing wind cover for your home or property.

Which Minnesota Trees Are Not Native to the State?

While there are many trees native to Minnesota that you can add to your yard, you will want to avoid some non-native, invasive varieties. Non-native trees may not look bad per se, but they can cause problems around your landscape or across the state as they take over native populations.


According to the University of Minnesota, here are some non-native tree species to avoid:


  • Amur maple
  • Buckthorn
  • Norway maple


Instead, contact Vital Tree Service for advice or for tree removal to improve your landscaping.

Minnesota Tree Trimming Services

Looking to maintain your landscaping? It’s vital to maintain the trees you want and remove the ones you don’t. Part of keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful is regular tree maintenance.


To schedule your Minnesota tree trimming and pruning services, call Vital Tree Service at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to learn more.