The year is just getting started, but it won’t be long before spring is right around the corner. And if you’re planning on doing any serious landscaping or gardening, now is a great time to get started on thinking about your plans for spring lawn work.


If planting a new tree or a few is on your homeowner’s wish list, you may have heard varying opinions on the best time to plant. Since planting at the ideal time is essential for healthy plant growth, you don’t want to wing it when it comes to tree care. In this post from our tree trimming pros at Vital Tree Service, we’re looking into the best time to plant a tree in Minnesota. After you’ve decided what you’re going to plant, don’t forget to schedule tree trimming services and get your landscape ready for spring!

Planting at the Right Time

Trees can be a fairly sizable investment, but if they grow well, they can transform your landscape and add to your home’s value. However, when you plant at the wrong time, the tree may not thrive. The key to planting at an ideal time is understanding the plant’s health requirements.


When a tree is planted, it needs time to grow roots that help sustain it before the plant is exposed to extreme weather or difficult conditions. As cold as the weather can be in Minnesota, it’s essential to plant carefully. Although spring can be a fine time to plant in many other parts of the country, the cold soil in Minnesota can make planting difficult. As the ground thaws, it will become easier to dig, and planting a tree before summer hits gives trees plenty of time to take root before winter arrives.

Planting in Fall

If you wait until fall to plant, your trees won’t have time to get rooted before they’re exposed to extreme winter cold. Once the ground becomes frozen, there’s not enough water getting to the roots. This can kill the tree if it hasn’t had time to deeply root into the ground. For this reason, it’s just not a good idea to plant in the fall in Minnesota.


These are a few of the faster-growing trees to plant in Minnesota:


●        Pine

●        Balsam poplar

●        Silver maple

●        Red maple

●        Black ash

●        Green ash

●        American mountain ash

●        Red oak

Trimming Your Minnesota Trees

To keep your lawn healthy when you’re planting, it’s important to invest in seasonal tree trimming services. At Vital Tree Service, we offer a complete range of tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal services. To schedule yours, call and connect with a member of our team at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to discuss your tree health needs.