There’s nothing quite as magnificent as the autumn countryside in Minnesota, with its breathtaking colors and falling leaves. But the beauty of fall foliage can only mean that winter weather is right around the corner, and winter can be harsh on the trees around your home.


For trees with damage due to age, disease, or injury, the weight of winter ice and snow can create a significant hazard for your property and anyone who lives there. When these trees become an immediate safety risk, you need an emergency tree removal service.


In this post from Vital Tree Service, we’re breaking down everything you need to do when you need emergency tree removal service. Give us a call when you need help with your trees fast.

The Risks of Postponing Tree Removal

Ideally, it’s better to invest in tree removal services before there’s an emergency. When trees fall and branches break, the weight of those limbs can exceed hundreds of pounds, while a full-sized tree can weigh several tons.

These are just a few of the risks you’re taking when you postpone tree removal for a structurally damaged tree:


  • Power outages

  • Roof collapse

  • Home damage

  • Damage to other structures on your property

  • Physical injury and death

  • Liability issues and lawsuits

  • Landscape damage

  • Foundation damage

  • Damaged vehicles


Because of these risks, it’s not worth it to wait. If you suspect your tree poses a risk to your safety or property, don’t hesitate to reach out to Vital Tree Service. We can assess the state of three and make a plan to remove it.

Signs You Need Tree Removal Services ASAP

While it’s clear that emergency tree removal is necessary to prevent property damage or safety issues, how do you know if the tree really needs to go?


Look for these signs that your trees need to be removed to prevent a tree-related emergency.

Dead Branches

It’s not uncommon for a tree to have dead branches. While a few smaller branches aren’t a big deal, pay attention to the size of the dead branches. When large branches are visibly dead, they need to be removed immediately. Schedule tree trimming services right away.

Hollow Trunks

A tree can live with a hollow trunk, but its structure will be compromised, and this could create a safety hazard. Leaving trees with a hollow trunk could risk failure of the tree when exposed to extreme weather.

Leaning Trees

While some trees may have a natural lean, a tree that suddenly begins to lean or bend indicates a health problem. Any tree leaning more than 15% should be inspected by a professional tree removal service.

Tree Touches Power Lines/Buildings

If a tree has grown too large, it can pose major safety risks. Trees that touch power lines can start major fires, and a tree that touches a building can lead to property damage.


While, in some cases, tree teeming is enough, this situation could be a cause for emergency tree removal.

Decay or Disease

While a diseased or decaying tree isn’t always beyond repair, it might be too late to save the plant. An arborist will determine if it’s possible to fix the tree. Otherwise, you’ll need to remove it before it falls or rots completely.

Can You Just Get The Tree Trimmed Instead?

If the tree is overgrown or too heavy, tree trimming may be a viable option. It’s also possible at times to trim the tee away from buildings or power lines. However, this depends on many factors. It’s best to request a consultation from tree professionals to know for sure.

How Does Tree Removal Work?

When we come to assess a tree for emergency removal, we can use various methods to remove it. We may use equipment to chop it down, or we may have to trim off branches first. We also have equipment to safely remove stumps.


If you need emergency storm cleanup or tree removal, we provide 24/7 services. Call today to learn more.

Minnesota Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services

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