There’s nothing quite like a lush green summer landscape with plenty of vibrant, mature trees. But even the healthiest trees can be susceptible to damage under the right conditions, and a damaged tree creates a safety threat for your family, home, cars, and property. If you’re concerned about the safety of a damaged tree, it’s important to consult with a tree removal specialist sooner rather than later. But will your insurance cover it?


In this post from the tree removal specialist at Vital Tree Service in Minnesota, we’re diving into the topic of homeowners insurance and tree removal coverage. Check out this guide and then call us to schedule your tree removal or tree trimming services.

Insurance Policies and Tree Removal Coverage

The most important thing to understand about homeowners insurance is that not all policies and insurance companies are the same. As a policyholder, it’s your responsibility to understand what the terms of your insurance policy include. Experts recommend keeping a copy of your insurance terms handy in a household documents file so you can review it as needed. You should also keep your insurance agent’s information stored in your phone since you may not be on your property when you need to file a claim.

Normal Property Maintenance

Generally speaking, most insurance companies expect policyholders to keep up with certain maintenance expectations that are necessary for securing a safe property. Your insurance typically won’t cover issues like removal of unhealthy or dead trees because this is considered to be the homeowner’s responsibility.


Additionally, it is also the responsibility of the homeowner to remove trees that pose a safety risk to their neighbors’ property or passersby. If a disaster occurs and you’re found negligent in your responsibilities, you could also be open to a civil suit from the injured party. By investing in regular tree maintenance including tree trimming and pruning services, you could be saving yourself a denied claim and a potential legal liability down the road.

Fallen Trees

Generally speaking, homeowners insurance policies will pay for home repairs and tree removal after a tree falls notwithstanding certain restrictions. Depending on your policy, this may or may not also include vehicles, sheds, detached garages, and outbuildings.


Tree removal is typically only covered by your insurance policy if it damages your home or another structure on your property. In other words, if the tree lands on your lawn, you’re responsible for covering the cost of tree removal.


These are a few examples of covered fallen tree causes:


●        Storms

●        Ice storms

●        Fire

●        Lightning


Don’t Put of Tree Trimming Service and Maintenance

If you’re a Twin Cities homeowner with healthy, mature trees on your property, the safest choice is to invest in regular tree trimming service. When our tree trimming and removal specialists visit your property, we’ll make recommendations that could save you the trouble of a fallen tree down the road. Call Vital Tree Service at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to schedule your tree trimming or removal service today.