Trees play an essential role in providing your home with shade, comfort, and curb appeal. After living in your home for years, you may grow used to seeing the same tree in your yard day after day.


As trees become part of your family, it can be easy to overlook the signs indicating that some need a tree removal service.


However, while trees have many benefits and are beautiful, they can cause problems. Some trees can even pose safety risks. At times, it's best to remove trees to remove potential risks or improve your landscaping.


Here are a few indications that your tree is due for a professional removal service.

1. Tree Disease & Death

Over time, the trees around your property may become sick and slowly deteriorate before completely dying. Keep an eye out for dead or unhealthy tree symptoms, such as a decaying trunk, weakened branches, and a lack of full, green leaves.


To be sure, it's critical to invite a professional tree removal service to check for an unhealthy tree. Taking this step on time will prevent the unhealthy tree from infecting the other trees in the neighborhood.


While some symptoms can be easy to spot, additional indications aren't so obvious. Keep an eye out for structural problems in your tree that may indicate interior decaying.


It would also help to look out for large cracks in the trunk that have grown over time. Contact a trusted tree removal company for a professional consultation and immediate action when you've noticed these issues.

2. Dangerous Location

Take note when a tree seems to be growing too close to your house or a nearby utility line. These roots can completely disrupt your home's foundation and offset the utility line's performance. If the tree could cause property damage, you'll want to remove it.


A tree too close to your house can also break and fall on your property during a severe weather storm or high winds. You may also notice that your lawn or garden is failing because your tree doesn't allow sufficient sunlight onto your landscape.


In this case, you may require a tree trimming service provider to trim the trees to allow for sufficient sunlight.

3. Changes to the Landscape

If you plan on taking on a complete landscape remodel, consider how the construction will affect your property's existing trees.


If the construction will damage your trees, stay ahead of complications by promptly removing the trees before the remodel. This will help you prevent severe damage to your landscape and equipment.


Or, consider changing your landscaping plans if removing too many trees doesn't make sense.

4. Power Line Clearance

If your tree is growing closer to a power line, you may either need to remove the tree if it's a type of tree that grows so fast or trim it. Removing trees growing toward a power line can be dangerous if improperly handled.


Hence, ensure you invite a tree removal company with a reputable track record to get this done for you. At Vital Tree Service, we can assess whether the tree needs to be trimmed or if tree removal is best.

5. Pest Problems

Trees are at risk of diseases, but they are also at risk of pest infestations. Some pests, including certain beetles, make their homes in trees. While this doesn't always damage the tree, some insect infestations can completely destroy the plant.


If a pest problem has ruined the tree, it's often better to remove the tree entirely to keep the problem from spreading. You may also request a pest control service to ensure the pests are gone for good.


Learn more about signs of pest problems in trees.

6. Leaning Trees

When a young tree starts to lean, you might be able to save it. In this case, providing support like a post can straighten the tree. However, an older, larger tree with a significant lean is often too late to restore.


While a bit of leaning isn't always dangerous, a significant lean is cause for concern. You should also note if the tree used to be fine and has quickly developed a lean. You can learn more in this blog on when to remove a leaning tree.

7. You Are Putting Your House on the Market

One of the most significant factors in selling your home is the curb appeal and aesthetics, and if you have a tree that's dead or looks unsightly, this can decrease the value by up to 30 percent. Future buyers may also have concerns about the tree's condition, and in some cases, it may be better to remove the tree and the worry as you prepare to sell.

8. Exposed Root Balls and New Sprouts

The root ball is found below the tree's stem, and if your ground has softened from rain or weather, this can expose the roots, destabilizing the tree and making it more vulnerable to decay.


If new sprouts are popping up around the base, it's another indicator of a problem because the growth typically only happens when the trees have gone through distress of some kind.


Knowing how to identify if the tree is dangerous and working with an experienced arborist will reduce your risks and help you decide if removal is the right option. 

9. It's Causing Issues for Your Neighbors  

Neighbors can be a great benefit, especially if you enjoy one another; unfortunately, there are scenarios where boundary issues with trees can create problems.


If it's just a few limbs, it may only need professional pruning; however, if the tree is impeding on their property, the root system can spread under their driveway and into their foundation, and removal might be the only option.

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