Trees play an essential role in providing your home with shade, comfort, and curb appeal. After living in your home for years, you may grow used to seeing the same tree in your yard day after day.


As the tree becomes part of your family, it can be easy to overlook the signs that indicate a necessary tree removal is at hand. Here are a few indications that your tree is due for a professional removal service.


Poor Tree Health

Over time, your property’s tree may become sick and slowly deteriorate before completely dying. Keep an eye out for symptoms of a dead or unhealthy tree, such as a decaying trunk, weakened branches, and a lack of full, green leaves.


It’s critical to remove an unhealthy tree as it may contain a disease that could infect the rest of the trees in the neighborhood. While some symptoms can be easy to spot, there are additional indications that aren’t so obvious. Keep an eye out for structural problems in your tree that may indicate there’s been interior decaying.


You should also look out for large cracks in the trunk that have grown over the passing of time. When you’ve noticed these issues, contact a trusted tree removal company for a professional consultation and immediate action.


Dangerous Location

When a tree seems to be growing a little too close to your house or a nearby utility line, take note. These roots can completely disrupt your home’s foundation and offset the utility line’s performance.


A tree that’s too close to your house can also end up breaking and falling down on your property during a severe weather storm or high winds. You may also notice your lawn or garden is failing because your tree isn’t allowing sufficient sunlight onto your landscape.


Don’t turn a blind eye to a tree that’s coming in too close to your property or other nearby structures. Keep you, your family, and community safe by scheduling a professional tree removal service as soon as possible.


Upcoming Changes to the Landscape

If you’re planning on taking on a complete landscape remodel, consider how the construction will affect your property’s existing trees.


If the construction is going to damage your trees, stay ahead of complications by promptly removing the trees prior to the remodel. This will help you prevent severe damage to your landscape and equipment.


Contact Vital Tree Service for Your Professional Tree Removal

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We’ll make your tree removal service straightforward and hassle-free, so you can get on with your day and get back to focusing on other important matters!


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