Trees are majestic and complex organisms. When well cared for, they add beauty and shade to their environment. But when the importance of root care is overlooked, a tree’s roots can damage property and cause problems across your lawn.


At Vital Tree Service, our local tree service works with homeowners and business owners across the Twin Cities area to help protect healthy trees and remove unhealthy growth. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your tree’s roots.


The Importance of Roots

A tree’s roots are every bit as important as its branches. Much like the organs of a human body, every component of the tree is essential for it to thrive.


Most roots live between six to 12 inches below the ground while extending far beyond their branches’ growth. There, they access and absorb much-needed water and nutrients to help the tree remain healthy and strong. A tree’s roots also anchor it to the ground to protect the tree against strong weather and wind, helping to protect the soil against erosion in the process so other plants can grow.


Unfortunately, roots are too often overlooked, ignored, or mishandled. One of the biggest mistakes tree owners make is to cut offending roots from the ground. This can harm the tree while putting it at risk of insect infestation and disease. However, a tree that gets plenty of carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight can grow to be quite healthy and strong.


Follow these tips to care for your tree, roots and all:


●        Add mulch underneath the tree each spring to give it plenty of nutrients and moisture while protecting its roots from cold weather.

●        Do not compact mulch too tightly as this can suffocate the roots.

●        Avoid planting flowers and other plants directly underneath the tree.

●        Be sure to water the tree regularly during dry months based on watering recommendations for its species.

●        Be careful not to overwater.

●        Space new trees out far enough that roots won’t grow into each other’s space.

●        Never cut a tree’s roots.


Call Our Twin Cities Tree Service

Just as it’s essential to care for a tree’s roots, caring for its branches is also necessary if you want your trees to live long, healthy lives. Whether your trees need trimming after a spring storm or you just need the canopy pruned, tree trimming is best left to a professional tree trimming service. We can even safely help with tree removal service when necessary.


At Vital Tree Service, we’re committed to helping Twin Cities area homeowners and business owners maintain beautiful, healthy landscapes. If you’re in need of tree trimming or pruning, call Vital Tree Service at 651-341-4021 or contact us online today.