Trees come in all shapes and sizes. But when your tree is growing at an unusual angle, you may find yourself feeling a bit concerned about its safety and stability.


Although some leaning trees are perfectly fine, others are justifiably cause for concern. In this post from our tree removal service professionals at Vital Tree Service, we’ll help you decide whether to remove or keep that old leaning tree.

Why Trees Lean

When clients ask us about leaning trees, what they’re asking about can vary widely. However, not all leaning trees are dangerous. Some trees can end up growing with a slight lean or tilt as part of their natural growth toward the sunlight. Trees that grow in the path of strong winds can also lean. If this lean is fairly subtle, it is most likely nothing to worry about.

Identifying Dangerous Leaning Trees

More significant leans should always be treated seriously. Any lean in excess of 15 degrees signifies a problem and indicates the tree is at risk of collapse. Although young trees can sometimes be encouraged to grow straight using stakes, mature trees should be removed by a professional tree removal service. This can also be a sign of tree disease or soil erosion, which can impact the tree’s stability.

Other Causes for Concern

Even if a tree isn’t leaning, there are other reasons to consider having it removed. If your tree has any of these issues, it might be time to consider professional tree removal service:


●        It’s growing dangerously close to power lines.

●        It is encroaching on the health of other nearby trees.

●        Its growth interferes with traffic sight lines and could pose a safety risk.

●        Growth is hanging over your roof or encroaching on your home.

●        There are problems with the root system.

●        Dead branches can be found along one side of the tree.

●        A large portion of the tree trunk is hollow.

Benefits of Removing a Tree

Although it can be difficult to remove a tree you’re emotionally attached to, you may find comfort in knowing there are many benefits to removing a tree that’s in danger of collapse. Clearing out an old tree can prevent your foundation or sidewalk from undergoing tremendous damage due to the tree’s root system. It can also instantly add curb appeal to your home while clearing out space for new growth that enhances your landscape’s appearance.

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