There’s nothing like the breathtaking sight of a winter landscape with barren trees sleeping dormant against a backdrop of snow and ice while they wait for spring to arrive once more. It can be easy to forget that these sleeping giants are still very much alive and thriving under all of that snow, ready to come to life again when the world returns to spring’s vibrant greens.


A common mistake made by homeowners is to assume that trees require no maintenance during the winter months. To keep your trees and landscape looking their best, it’s important to take advantage of the dormant months and conduct regular winter tree pruning.


At Vital Tree Service, we offer a complete range of Woodbury tree maintenance services including tree trimming and pruning. We’re sharing everything you need to know about winter tree maintenance to help you protect your landscape this season. Give us a call to schedule your tree trimming service today!


Don’t overlook these important winter tree maintenance steps:

1. Protect Your Property From Damage

When winter storms hit, one of the most significant dangers is the risk of property damage and personal injury from falling branches. This is due to the weight of ice, which can cause branches and limbs to weaken or break. Another common problem occurs when these branches impact power lines. You don’t want to cause a power outage or other safety issue to your home or to other homes.


To minimize the risk of property damage, a professional tree pruning service should remove branches that are located near important structures and power lines. It’s also important to remove any branches that might create a potential safety risk elsewhere on your property.

2. Look Out For Personal Safety Issues

Property damage concerns are frustrating, and they can often be expensive. It’s important to have a professional tree service expert remove overgrown branches or trees that aren’t strong enough to support winter weather because you don’t want to pay for later repairs. However, it’s also vital to remove these trees and branches for safety reasons.


A branch that’s weighed down with too much ice could snap and fall onto someone below. This is especially concerning if you have children or pets that often play outside in the snow. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to have your trees trimmed before winter is really here.

3. Consider Tree Removal Service

If you have trees growing in close proximity to your power lines, it’s a good idea to consider tree removal service. Although these trees can pose a risk during the winter months, they are often a greater threat once spring arrives. When the weather changes and spring or summer storms bring high wind gusts, their proximity to power lines could cause you or your neighborhood to lose your power.


You may also want to remove stumps that are getting in the way of your yard. While they might not be as big of a risk as overgrown or weak trees, they can still look unsightly around your home. And, you may notice they are harder to see and maneuver around once snow is on the ground. So, consider reaching out for a stump removal service.

4. Remove Dead Limbs and Branches

In addition to the above safety concerns, winter tree pruning service should also focus on preparing your trees for healthy growth in the spring and summer. Removing unhealthy branches gives your tree room to grow healthier branches while reducing the risk that tree diseases will spread throughout your lawn.


So, the importance of winter tree maintenance is really two-rold. First of all, it protects from both property damage and personal injuries. Secondly, routine tree maintenance in the fall and winter sets up your trees to look beautiful and healthy once the weather warms up again.

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