There are plenty of home maintenance projects that can be handled by the homeowner. But one project that shouldn’t be handled alone is tree trimming and removal. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when handling their own tree care is underestimating the weight of branches, which can cause injury and property damage. When hiring a tree service, it’s important to consider their experience and safety practices for this reason.


In this blog post, our Vital Tree Service team has put together a checklist to follow when evaluating local tree service companies. Give us a call to learn more about our professional tree cutting service.

Avoid These Red Flags

In the past few years, tales of amateurs and scam artists have become more common thanks to the Internet. You may have heard cases of consumers duped by “professionals” with a phone number and business address listed on Google that turned out to be fake. If unlicensed tree cutters damage your property or cause a liability, you may never recover the loss. 


But if anyone can create a professional-looking website and get a temporary phone number, how can you tell the experts from less experienced handymen? Follow this checklist to make sure your property, trees, and family will be safe.


1.      How do they accept payment? Unlicensed tree services often demand payment ahead of the job and may only accept payment via cash or a cash app like Venmo or Paypal.


2.      Do they work with utility services? If your trees are located near power lines or utilities, a licensed professional will need to work with the electric company.


3.      Do they have references and online reviews? Check out the company’s online reviews. A professional tree service should have honest testimonials available online letting you know exactly what to expect.


4.      What are their credentials? Professional local tree removal companies worth hiring will be licensed, recently certified, and able to provide evidence of their accreditation.


5.      What are their tree cutting practices? If possible, ask for a portfolio of the company’s work like the one we share on our website. Does the company use spikes that can damage your trees? Do they overtrim, a practice that can cause stress or even tree death?


6.      Do they work with insurance companies? Many tree removal services, especially storm damage clean up, will involve an insurance claim. Make sure the tree removal company you use has experience working with insurance companies on claims.

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