There’s nothing quite as captivating as a beautiful landscape complete with healthy trees, especially in the fall when the world is covered in glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow. But did you know that there’s more to caring for your trees than making sure they get plenty of water and occasional pruning? There are a number of pests that can cause your trees to become unhealthy. Your trees are also susceptible to plant diseases just like any other living organism.


At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, Minnesota, we can help you determine if trees need to be trimmed or removed for a healthier lawn. We’ve put together this guide to identify some common plant diseases and pests to look out for that may interfere with the healthy growth of your landscape. Give us a call to discuss solutions for healthier trees today.

Common Plant Health Problems

It’s not hard to know when a plant is in poor health. Typically, you’ll begin to see dead leaves and signs of illness. Most plant health problems are due to problems with the plant’s immediate environment. Root drainage issues and inadequate lighting are two of the more common causes. However, when plant illness is due to pests or disease, you want to stop the problem in its tracks to prevent it from spreading to other plants on your landscape.


These are some of the signs your trees are being impacted adversely by their environment:


●        Faded leaves

●        Discolored leaves

●        Wilting

●        Poor growth

Signs of Plant Disease

Once you’ve ruled out environmental issues, consider how plant diseases may be affecting your lawn. Fungal infections can devastate a tree. Look for signs of fungal infections including brown spots with yellow halos that may kill part or all of a leaf. Powdery white spots are also a sign of infection. Leaves that turn yellow and then brown out of season may also be affected by plant disease. Finally, watch out for signs of stem rot or root rot.

Signs of Insect Infestation

Insect infestation is another common plant health problem. It is important to address insect issues right away as they can easily spread to other plants. Some types of insects can cause leaves to become yellowed or create leaf webbing. You may also be able to visibly identify insect infestations.

Keep Your Woodbury Trees Looking Healthy With Vital Tree Service

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