A beautiful lawn can be a gift to your family and to the environment, and few things bring beauty to a lawn like healthy, vital trees. Trees provide much-needed shade that helps to reduce cooling costs in your home while providing a habitat for local wildlife. When a tree’s health becomes compromised, it can create a safety hazard that puts your family and neighbors at risk.


Although sometimes it’s fairly obvious that a tree is beyond saving, in some cases, it may be difficult to tell. In this post from Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, our tree removal pros will break down the signs to look for to help identify a dying tree. Give us a call to schedule your tree removal or trimming.

When Trees Become Unhealthy

A well-cared-for tree will typically last for decades or longer. There are also many reasons a tree might need to be removed before its time. Even with regular trimming and pruning, a tree may become afflicted due to environmental factors. Although most healthy trees are able to weather common environmental stressors, trees with any degree of compromised health are far more susceptible to damage.


When unhealthy trees encounter high winds or heavy snow, they can become uprooted or even fall, causing damage to your home, property, or anyone nearby. Tree limbs can weigh hundreds of pounds, making them a serious threat when they break. It’s important to remove trees before they cause damage or threaten your family’s safety.

Signs of a Dying Tree

Follow these signs to identify if your tree is in poor health and then give us a call for tree removal service:


●        Tree is leaning to one side.

●        Roots are visibly in poor health.

●        Tree is infested with insects, fungus, or tree disease.

●        Bark has deep splits, brittleness, and missing sections.

●        Bark is not regrowing where it is missing.

●        Dead leaves are not falling to the ground.

Contact Your Woodbury Tree Cutting Service Today

Do you suspect one of your trees is dying? Our tree cutting service pros at Vital Tree Service in Woodbury can help you determine if your tree needs to be removed or if it can be saved.


We also offer affordable stump grinding so your lawn will be left perfect and ready for future landscaping projects. Connect with one of our tree removal experts at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to discuss the health of your trees and schedule your tree removal service today.