When warm weather comes to Minnesota, nature’s splendor is all around. As you take in the magic of the elements this time of year, one of the most welcome sights is the return of green, healthy leaves to your trees. 


Healthy trees provide a lovely habitat for nature’s creatures while adding shade and privacy to your property. Enjoying healthy trees is wonderful, and you’ll love how beautiful your yard looks and how it brings so many benefits to native wildlife. 


But if the canopy above becomes too overgrown, your grass below can become patchy and unhealthy. Because of this, it’s important to ensure the canopy of the trees on your property gets regular pruning. Canopy pruning has many benefits, and a skilled arborist can do this for you. 


At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, we specialize in providing Minnesota residents with tree trimming and pruning. Our services support healthy tree growth and a more attractive lawn.


Here’s what you need to know about thinning out your canopy for a healthier landscape. 

Understanding the Tree Canopy

You probably already know that your tree canopy is the top layer of tree coverage. If you look up from the ground, your tree canopy is the layer of brush and foliage that creates shade from the sun. It consists of leaves, limbs, and branches and is formed by the mature crowns of your trees. 


You may not realize that your tree canopy plays a vital role in creating a healthy and stable ecosystem. It provides the wildlife in your region with an important habitat. It also reduces pollution and cools your home or yard in the summer. 


That’s why a healthy tree canopy is important for any urban community! While you probably appreciate the canopy of trees for the shade it provides, they are a key part of these plants. Keeping them pruned ensures the health of the tree and your yard. 

What Is Canopy Pruning?

Pruning your tree canopy is an important component of a healthy landscape. Canopy pruning aims to thin out the top layer of foliage. 


Canopy pruning thins the dense, overgrown canopy so that light can filter through below. It also creates a better airflow through the canopy, making leaves healthier. 


When our tree pruning experts tackle the job, they first remove dead or less healthy branches and limbs, thinning the canopy. We then remove trees or limbs that work in competition with “leader” branches. 

Why Tree Canopy Thinning is Necessary

The canopy pruning process focuses on selectively pruning branches in the tree’s crown to help remove some of the thickness that has caused the canopy to darken the ground below. Two of the primary reasons your canopy should be thinned include allowing plenty of oxygen and light to pass through two the ground below your treetops. 


When more light is allowed to pass through, the foliage on the ground is healthier, and the leaves on lower branches are able to thrive better. This encourages the plant to grow and flourish in a healthier way. 


The healthy circulation of air is also needed to help prevent health problems and diseases in trees. 

Benefits of Canopy Pruning 

An experienced tree pruning service can help trim your canopy safely to get the best result for healthy trees and ground cover. 


These are a few benefits of a healthy canopy:


  • Provides cooling shade.

  • Helps to reduce greenhouse gasses. 

  • Lessens noise pollution. 

  • Reduces the risk of damage below from falling branches.

  • Reduces the risk of damage to the tree from broken branches.

  • Creates a healthier, more attractive lawn.

  • Allows the ground cover to thrive below the tree canopy.

  • Lowers the risk of arboreal disease.

Protecting Against Storm Damage

Another reason for tree canopy thinning is to prevent storm damage. When your canopy becomes overgrown, it can interfere with the tree's structural integrity. Strong winds, rains, or other extreme weather can cause heavy branches to break. That’s why trimming the canopy regularly is necessary to prevent property damage, personal injury, and liability. 


While canopy trimming helps prevent storm damage, it can still occur in intense Minnesota weather. If you do end up with storm damage to your trees, Vital Tree Service provides storm damage restoration services

Canopy Pruning for Stability

Canopy pruning should only be taken on by an experienced tree professional. One of homeowners' and amateurs' most common mistakes when trimming is to over-trim interior limbs. This can lead to internal weakness and instability in the tree structure. 


A licensed tree pruning contractor will identify stems and damaged limbs that need to be removed and trim in the right places to thin out the canopy safely. 

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Sunny days are here at last. Trees that were barren and sparse just a few months ago are suddenly thick with lush green foliage. The beginning of summer is an ideal time to attend to your trees’ health and give them the attention they need to live long, healthy lives. 


How long has it been since your canopy was trimmed? Protect your property and help your trees grow healthy and strong by prioritizing landscape maintenance today. 


If you’ve got beautiful trees in your yard, it’s important to make sure they’re healthy and will live a long time. We help homeowners create beautiful landscapes with our tree trimming and pruning services. We can also remove old stumps and even turn the wood we trim into firewood. 


At the Vital Tree Service team in Minnesota, we’re happy to help make recommendations for healthier, more attractive trees. Our tree trimming and removal team is currently taking extra precautions when visiting a site. 


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