Beautiful trees are an integral part of a stunning landscape. Key to keeping your trees looking great is the important practice of regular tree maintenance like tree trimming and pruning. But even with great regular lawn and tree maintenance, eventually, every homeowner may face the need for tree removal.


Our tree removal service contractors at Vital Tree Service in Woodbury can help you keep your trees looking great and remove them when needed. In this blog post, we’ll discuss tree removal and tree stumps. We’ll talk about what to do with the tree stumps left after you’ve removed a tree and how we can help keep your lawn safe and beautiful.


Here are a few reasons to remove the old tree stumps on your lawn:


●        It’s safer.

●        It’s healthier for your lawn.

●        It looks better.

When Tree Stumps are Left Behind

When new buyers move into a property with existing tree stumps, it can be difficult to know what to do. Many homeowners inquire about tree stump removal because they find tree stumps break up an attractive and well-manicured lawn.


Although tree stumps in obvious locations can be quite unsightly, they can be overlooked if they are in a less prominent location. However, as tree stumps begin to deteriorate and decay, they can become breeding grounds for infestations, mold growth, and other problems that damage other trees.

Creating a Safer Space

In addition to a nuisance, tree stumps can also present a danger to animals, children, and even adults on your property. A tree stump in the middle of your lawn can easily be overlooked by a running child at play and even lead to a serious personal injury. Tree stumps also make mowing and lawn care a difficult task.


Additionally, it is common to see new growth around neglected tree stumps. Even if you manage to eliminate those sprouts, they will keep coming up as long as the stump is there. The best approach to reducing weeds and tree sprouts around an old stump is to remove the stump altogether.

Your Woodbury Tree Trimming and Stump Removal Experts

If you’ve got tree stumps breaking up your beautiful lawn, speak with our Woodbury tree stump removal experts to get your lawn looking great again. We can also help with all of your trimming and pruning needs.


Here at Vital Tree Service in Minnesota, we take pride in creating beautiful, healthy lawns. Speak to a member of our team by calling us at 651-341-4021 or contact us online to discuss your lawn.