Minnesota is a beautiful place to be when the weather is fair, and the leaves are all a vibrant summer green. However, with the cold season upon us, most of us are headed indoors and spending far less time enjoying our lawns. That doesn’t mean our landscapes can be completely overlooked, however. In fact, winter may be the ideal time to address some of the biggest tree-related concerns you have been putting off while the weather was pleasant.


At Vital Tree Service in Woodbury, we work hard to help Woodbury homeowners enjoy safer, healthier landscapes all year long. In this post, we’ll discuss how winter impacts tree and stump removal services.


Winter Tree and Stump Removal

When the weather is cold, most of us stop thinking about our trees unless we’re considering ways to string Christmas lights across them for the holiday season. With more Minnesota residents spending time indoors, fewer folks are thinking about pruning their trees or having them removed. This adds up to a slower season for tree removal experts.


But the cold weather doesn’t mean we’re any less enthusiastic about getting out and doing what we love. Because we have less demand during the winter months, we’re even more excited than ever to help Minnesota residents create beautiful, healthy landscapes they’ll enjoy all year long.


Focus on Safety

During the summer months, the constant demand for tree removal and pruning keeps us constantly on the go. In the winter, when business slows down, we don’t slow down our commitment to safety and a job well done. We know that with all of the added snow, ice, and precipitation during the winter months, the emphasis on safety is more important than ever.


Winter provides us with the perfect opportunity to step back and focus on safety, so your home and our employees are protected while we work. That way, we’re always ready for anything, even when we’re not booked out for months ahead.


The Ideal Time for Tree and Stump Removal Service

The benefits of winter tree service don’t stop there. Here are just a few more ways of getting your trees and stumps removed during the winter can benefit Woodbury homeowners:


●        Trees become dormant in the winter, which makes them easier to remove.

●        Fewer leaves mean faster, more efficient work.

●        There is far less concern about damaging green grass.

Contact Our Woodbury Stump and Tree Removal Service

Whether you’ve got trees encroaching on your home or you need to remove a tree for landscaping purposes, winter is the ideal time to schedule your tree and stump service. We can also help make your trees into firewood so your family can enjoy the warmth from the tree that once brought you shade.


At Vital Tree Service in Minnesota, we work hard to help homeowners have safer, more attractive lawns no matter what the thermometer says. To see examples of our past work, visit our gallery on the web. Then give us a call at 651.341.4021 or contact us online to schedule your tree or stump removal this winter.